About CourseMapper

CourseMapper is a mind map-based collaborative course annotation and analytics platform that fosters collaboration and interaction around pdf/video learning materials, supported by visual learning analytics.

The CourseMapper project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti

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Past Team Members

  • Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy Yousef (Fayoum University, Egypt)
  • M.Sc. Ridho Laksono
  • M.Sc. J. Kl√∂ckner
  • M.Sc. Iraklis Dimitriadis
  • M.Sc. Momchil Marinov
  • M.Sc. Zuhra Sofyan
  • M.Sc. Oleksandr Sabov


A tool to collaboratively organise pdf and video lectures as a mind-map.

A tool to collaboratively annotate PDF lecture materials.

A tool to collaboratively annotate video lecture materials.

Analytics Widgets in Courses, Videos and PDFs to support monitoring, awareness, self-reflection, motivation, feedback, and recommendation in CourseMapper.

Footprint: Visual learning analytics with heatmaps as a plugin on the video player and the embedded PDF reader.


  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, PassportJS, Socket.io
  • MongoDB, Mongoose
  • AdminLTE, Bootstrap framework, jQuery, jQueryUI
  • GridStack, JSPlumb, QuillJS
  • Angular and many others
  • PDF.js
  • Videogular
  • FootprintJS
  • ChartJS